Curious about what we’ve been up to at Nearpod? Check out some the features that we’ve added!



January 22nd, 2018 – New Version of Slide Editor

  • We listen to you, teachers! We’ve added seven new themes with different background colors and fonts, and also a new slide layout option for you to customize the design of your presentations.



January 17th, 2018 – Easier, Faster Quiz Creation

  • Up to 1.000 character questions
  • 500 character answers
  • 15 answer choices
  • Better previews of reference media
  • Easier reordering of questions and answers



November 22nd, 2017 – Collaborate! in Student-Paced mode

  • Teachers can now deliver Collaborate! boards in Student-Paced Lessons.
  • This option can be turned on in the Advanced Setting. After changing the setting, a new lesson code needs to be generated for the option to take effect.
  • Teachers won’t be able to delete Collaborate posts in Student-Paced lessons.



November 16th, 2017 – Share your next Nearpod lesson through Remind

  • More than 2.5 million teachers and 70% of U.S. public schools use Remind to communicate with students and parents. We’ve added a Remind button for teachers to share their lessons with their class in a faster and more effective way.



November 15th, 2017 – BBC Videos for any Nearpod lesson

  • The new BBC Video Tool is now available on Nearpod. Choose from over 50 high resolution videos to use on your next lesson. Ready-to-teach lessons that feature this striking media are also available in the Nearpod store.



November 13th, 2017 – Student Mode on the Teacher Dashboard

  • Student Mode allows the teacher to toggle between the traditional Teacher View they are used to and the Student View. This way you’re able to demonstrate how to use a Draw It or play a video to your class without risking showing a quiz dashboard accidentally.

To learn more about this feature you can read more about it here.



October 19th, 2017 – Flip images for Draw it

  • Students will now be able to flip images inserted into a Draw it either horizontally or vertically, or rotate them anywhere from 1-360 degrees. This gives students greater flexibility to be creative in their responses. This feature is currently available on the Web-based Nearpod app, and will be available in iOS by the end of this year.



October 17th, 2017 – Modify Student Submissions

  • With this new feature, students will be able to edit answers that they have previously submitted during a Live Lesson and resubmit them (for Quizzes, Polls, OEQ, and Draw It activities). Only the most recently submitted answer is shown to the teacher. This feature is automatically on for students during Live Lessons. It can be toggled off in the Advanced tab within Account Settings. Currently this feature is available only on computers.



September 28th, 2017 – Standalone version of Collaborate!

  • We have launched a standalone version of Collaborate. You can create a board independent of a Nearpod presentation from this site: or by clicking “Try it now” on the Collaborate web page



September 14th, 2017 – New iOS app

  • A new version of our iOS app is available for download. In this version we’ve made some new improvements and bug fixes in preparation to Apple’s new iOS operating system (iOS 11).



September 11th, 2017 – PhET Sims on Nearpod

  • We have added PhET Simulations to Nearpod! PhET Sims are free interactive math and science simulations that are based on extensive education research and engage students through an intuitive, game-like environment where students learn through exploration and discovery. PhET Sims can be added from the “Add Content” section of the Content Creation Tool.



August 7th, 2017 – New Nearpod 10 for iOS

  • This update features several improvements designed to enhance the teaching experience from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Reference Media allows teachers to add a video, audio, website, PDF or image to their interactive activities such as Draw Its for more engaging and in-depth assessments. Reference Media is available for Open Ended Questions, Polls, Quizzes, and Draw It activities.


  • Showing Quiz Results During Student-paced Lessons: Students can now see results from their Student-paced sessions in real-time, on their own. By enabling this feature, students can quickly and easily determine their level of knowledge and self-assess before reviewing with their teacher.


Teachers can enable this feature from their Account Advanced Settings.


  • Now Teachers can Launch Collaborate! from their iPhone and iPad. Here’s what it looks like on the new iPhone app.


  • Folders can now easily be shared from My Library (iPad only).

  • Auto-correct is now enabled from student view.


  • You can download the latest version of the Nearpod app here.



July 28th, 2017 – Showing Quiz Results During Student-paced Lessons on iOS devices

  • Students can now see results from their Student-paced sessions in real-time, on their own. By enabling this feature, students can quickly and easily determine their level of knowledge and self-assess before reviewing with their teacher.


  • Teachers can enable this feature from their Account Advanced Settings.



July 5th, 2017 – Collaborate! Improvements

  • With this update, teachers are now given the option to preview and approve or reject student comments when launching a Collaborate! slide in a live lesson. The purpose is to prevent inappropriate or off topics comments from populating the board, keeping students focused on the topic of the lesson. Watch this video to learn how to use this new feature:





July 5th, 2017 – Reference Media

  • Now videos, audio files, PDFs & websites can be added as reference media to assessment activities! With this feature teachers can ask students more in depth and richer questions. Watch this video to learn how to use this new feature:


  • Reference Media is available for Open Ended Questions, Polls, Quizzes, and Draw It activities.



June 20th, 2017 – Canvas Student name and Gradebook integration


  • The Canvas Gradebook integration allows teachers to easily access and grade students’ Nearpod post-session reports – all within Canvas. Watch this video to learn how to use this new feature:



June 5th, 2017 – My account settings

  • We’ve given a fresh look to the account settings page within Nearpod!


  • Navigate your profile and account settings easily and efficiently with the new layout.


  • Quickly access advanced features like Student Notes and Student-paced quiz results.



June 5th, 2017 – Quiz results during Student-paced lessons


  • Students can now validate their understanding of a lesson by receiving feedback in real-time.
  • See how Student-paced results works below or read more about it in this blog post.



June 5th, 2017 – Limit Polls to one response

  • Teachers can now add Polls to their Nearpod lessons that accept only 1 student response.
  • To activate this feature, simply turn off the ‘multiple options’ setting when adding a Poll to your lesson.


  • You may also revisit previously created lessons to enable this new feature for Polls!



May 24th, 2017 – iOS 9.8.5

  • This is a new release of our iOS app that includes technical improvements and bug fixes.



May 23th, 2017 – School Library (beta)

  • The beta version of the new School Library is now available for teachers with School or District accounts! Scroll down to learn about all of its great features.


  • Teachers can now add lessons to their School Library directly from their Nearpod library.


  • Admins are able to find lessons quicker and easier with improved search.


  • The School Library has folders (with colors!) to organize lessons.


  • No more need to access the store in order to reach School Library material!



May 20th, 2017 – New Student Notes format for teachers with School or District Editions

  • Now when a students submit their notes, teachers receive a new editable layout (.docx) with references to the slides of the lesson as well as the associated student notes. View an example here!
  • This new feature allows students to review their notes and answers to activities so they can rewatch videos and revisit 3D Objects.



April 24th, 2017 – Convert to Draw It

  • Convert to Draw It allows teachers to transform any of their slides into interactive Draw It activities in one click! With these converted slides, students are able to engage with the content they are learning by highlighting, drawing, and annotating.



April 10th, 2017 – Control where videos are played and resize slide background images

  • Teachers are now able to choose whether to play Youtube or Vimeo videos embedded in their lessons on all student devices or only their own.


  • Resize your slide’s background images with ease using the Slide Editor tool!



March 27th, 2017 – Nearpod 9.6 for iOS now available

  • Learn more about our latest update to the Nearpod iOS update here.



March 24th, 2017 – Schoology Integration

  • If you love using Schoology, you can now access the entire Nearpod site within the Schoology platform. Create lessons, access reports, browse lessons, and all your favorite features.


  • You can now also add Nearpod course materials in Schoology without requiring your students to use a code.



March 24th, 2017 – Draw It background image visible on the teacher dashboard

  • From the teacher dashboard you can now see the background image used in your students’ submissions.




March 24th, 2017 – Upload PDF files

  • If a PDF file is dragged or dropped into the Content tool, you are now able to add it as a document or individual slides.


  • If you’re a Silver user, upgrade to Gold to access this feature.



March 1st, 2017 – Add .gifs and backgrounds to your slides

  • Make your slides even more engaging when you add .gifs to them!


  • In this latest update, you can now add backgrounds to your slides.



March 1st, 2017 – Math symbols in slide editor

  • Math symbols are now accessible when creating activities such as Quizzes, Polls, Open-ended Questions, or a Draw It! Choose from various categories to pick the right symbol for your lesson.




February 6th 2017 – You can now share folders

  • With this new feature, teachers are now able to share an entire folder with lessons with a colleague or friends.


  • If the folder contains lessons that are purchased or downloaded from the store they will not be included in the shared folder.


New to Nearpod? Try it for free here!



January 31st 2017 – Displaying CODE in student devices

  • We are now showing the session CODE on the Student devices.

CODE in students devices



January 30th 2017 – Collaborate!

  • Collaborate!: an interactive brainstorming tool for teachers and students to share text and images in real time. While on a collaborative activity, students and teachers submit posts with text and images, they are able to see each other’s responses and like other’s posts in real time. The teacher can organize the discussion board and then share it via email, social media or link. Collaborate provides teachers with a new way to easily engage students and foster meaningful discussion in the classroom.
  • Important notes:

           ~ Teachers can use Collaborate! to teach from a browser or an iPad.  At this point teachers cannot use the iPhone Teacher App with Collaborate!

           ~ In order to use Collaborate! from an iOS device, users must upgrade to Nearpod iOS 9.5 which is currently available in the App Store.

           ~ For now, the feature is free to be used by all teachers, no matter the type of account they have.

           ~ Collaborate! only works on Live lessons. Because of the lack of content moderation, it is not available for Student-paced sessions.



January 26th 2017 – Microsoft Windows App

  • A new version of our Windows App is now available at the Microsoft Store. In terms of features, this version is a full catch up with the Web App. Here is the access to this app.



January 12th 2017 – Nearpod iOS 9.5 – iPad and iPhone apps 

  • New and improved Content Search for iPhone teacher app

Improved Content Search

  • Ask a question to the class. Works exactly as the “Open Ended Question” feature. Records answers in dashboard and post session reports. Only for iPhone teacher app.

  • Updated Live lesson teacher dashboard. iPad only.

Nearpod iPad Teacher dashboard

  • Teachers can pause student devices for slides containing audio and video. This is a free feature available for iPad and iPhone teacher app.

Video cacophony

  • Multiple Active Codes is a paid feature and works for both iPad and iPhone teacher app .

Multiple active sessions iPhone

  • Support for Folders in My Library. iPhone teacher app .

  • Students can now access images stored on their One Drive accounts from the Draw It. iPad and iPhone teacher app .



January 16th 2017 – Android app

  • New version of the Android app is available in the Google Play Store. It is a student only app, what means that teachers will have to access via the web app if wanting to teach a lesson from an Android device.



December 30th 2016 –  Teachers can pause student devices for slides containing audio and video

  • Teachers can pause student devices for slides containing audio and video. Teachers now have the option to pause student devices when presenting slides that contain audio or video. When projecting the teacher dashboard, this makes it easier to manage bandwidth and prevent distractions that arise when the playing the same video or audio across many student devices simultaneously.
  • If a teacher launches a session from the up-to-date app or the web app, all student devices will support this feature – even students using an old version of the native app.
  • This feature will affect any slide that contains multimedia:

           ~ Video Slides – both uploaded & Youtube videos

           ~ Audio Slides

           ~ Slide Editor Slides with any combination of audio and video



December 20th 2016 –  Nearpod <> Canvas integration improvements

  • Live Lesson as a Canvas Module (until now, only Student-paced was possible)
  • Live Lesson and Student-paced as a Canvas Assignment
  • Both Live Lesson and Student-paced could be embed in a Canvas page
  • Now teachers have ability to call Nearpod within Canvas

Nearpod inside Canvas

Learn more about the Nearpod <> Canvas integration here!



December 20th 2016 –  Draw It Collage

  • Teachers can share the magic with parents and colleagues. The Draw It collage displays student work in an appealing way that can be shared easily.
  • Here is how it works. Teacher teaches a live lesson that at least has a Draw It activity. This new functionality will randomly select 5 Draw It images submissions, assemble them in a graphic template and email the final collage to the teacher.

Draw it collage


November 30th 2016 – Multiple Active Sessions

  • Allows teachers to maintain several active sessions at once.
  • Available only for Gold, School and District users.



November 24th 2016 – Renaming PIN to CODE

  • Effective now, the unique identifier of a session is called CODE and no longer PIN.



November 20th 2016 – Teacher Dashboard Redesign

  • The Scrubber has been divided into 3 parts:

           ~ The Student Roster has been moved from the top-bar and now occupies the left side of the scrubber.

           ~ The middle part of the scrubber contains the slide navigator.

           ~ The right portion of the scrubber lets you show or hide student names.

  • The button that launches On-The-Fly features has been moved to the top right toolbar.



October 31st 2016 – New Admin vertical menu and Manage district access

  • The new side menu provides much more flexibility in terms of navigating the different components of the Admin/Support menus.
  • In addition, the “Manage School/District” functionality can now be accessed from the Nearpod main menu.



October 31st 2016 – Content Tool Upload files

  • Until now, it was only possible to drag and drop PPTs or PDFs into Nearpod. With this new functionality, teachers can now browse and navigate to their local or cloud files directly from the Content Tool.



October 15th 2016 – Nearpod 3D

  • Nearpod 3D is a new feature of the Content Tool that lets teachers insert 3D objects slides into their lessons.
  • We are hosting a library of almost 100 curated 3D objects separated in categories.



September 5th 2016 – Sway

  • Teachers can enhance their lessons with high-quality, engaging Sways created by the Nearpod Content team. They can also create their own high-fidelity Sways and include them within a Nearpod lessons.
  • The ability to use own existing Sways or create new ones is only available to Office 365 Business users.
  • This feature is available for all types of Nearpod accounts.



August 15th 2016 – One Drive

  • We are now supporting Microsoft One Drive in the same way we currently integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox and others.
  • One Drive will be enabled to all the features of the Content Tool that support the uploading of files. Examples: Video, Slide Editor, etc.



August 5th 2016 – Admin Charts

  • This new module is about showing usage stats information in graphs / charts format. It will only be available for District/School Admin users.
  • In this first version we will support the following 4 charts:

           ~ Teacher scoreboard: Ranks teachers based on their platform usage considering how many valid sessions they have launched in the selected time period.  

           ~ Sessions launched: Amount of valid sessions in the selected time period.

           ~ Students joined: Amount of students joined to valid sessions in the selected time period.

           ~ Active teachers: Amount of teachers that launched valid sessions in the selected time period.



July 30th 2016 – iOS 9

  • Full support to Folders (iPad only)
  • Content Search (iPad only)
  • Interactive preview of NPPs (iPad only)
  • Support for Office 365 (iPad and iPhone only)



July 12th 2016 – Nearpodize

  • Turn your Google presentations into Nearpod lessons in just a few steps and instantly engage your students.
  • The Nearpodize extension allows you to turn your existing Google presentations into Nearpod lessons in just a few steps.


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