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Top 10 Virtual Reality (VR) Field Trips for Students

April 29, 2024Rachelle Dene Poth

While traveling around the world or exploring objects up close can be limiting, we can transform learning with virtual reality in the classroom. With Virtual Reality (VR) Field Trips, we can provide engaging and immersive learning experiences for our students. Regardless of grade level or content area taught, there are endless possibilities for exploring virtual reality.

Why use virtual field trips in the classroom?

Through VR field trips, we can take students around the world and create authentic, real-world learning experiences while boosting student engagement in learning and sparking curiosity! As we look for activities and tools to keep students engaged, it is the perfect opportunity to explore emerging technologies like augmented and virtual reality. Give students the chance to interact with the content they are studying in a more meaningful way and move them from consumers to creators with these virtual field trips for kids. This not only helps increase student engagement but also leads to higher student achievement.

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Nearpod virtual reality (VR) field trips

Top 10 Virtual Reality (VR) Field Trips for Students

Top 10 virtual reality field trips for the end of the year infographic

Explore these ten virtual reality field trips from Nearpod and take your students on an immersive learning journey! I chose these VR trips because they enable students to explore different cultures, build global awareness, and develop social emotional learning (SEL) skills in the process. We can use these VR field trips for all grade levels and content areas. As a language teacher, I love the VR field trips to Spanish-speaking countries, which enable students to explore closely on their own, ask questions, become curious, and develop a more significant global and cultural awareness. Rather than simply looking at pictures in a book, watching videos, or reading about these places and things, with Nearpod’s interactive virtual field trips, we put the learning right in our students’ hands.

Here are 10 virtual fields trips you can use for any subject and grade level! No virtual reality headsets are needed!

1. Explore shapes using the Eiffel Tower

In this lesson, students visit the Eiffel Tower to learn about two-dimensional shapes in three-dimensional objects. The VR Feature allows them to see a 360 of the Eiffel Tower and the city of Paris! Connect their VR experiences back to math instruction by having them complete a drawing assessment called Draw It and other activities.

Paris Eiffel Tower virtual field trips
Draw it activity for math

2. Calculate interest using a castle

In this lesson, students experience VR travel by visiting a castle in the Netherlands to calculate interest payments. Pair this activity with a math unit about calculating interest. Have students explore the castle, followed by a Draw It activity where they can practice their problem-solving skills with a word problem. They can show their work and highlight their final answer within the Draw It tool. In real-time, you’ll be able to view student progress as they draw and complete the activity.

Castle virtual field trips for students
Calculate interest using a castle math prompt

3. See evolution on Galapagos

In this lesson, students will visit several islands in the Galapagos to learn more about evolution. You can explore a variety of free virtual field trips for students in the Galapagos. Have them observe the ecosystems and make inferences through an Open-Ended Question on why these islands are considered the best place in the world to observe evolution by natural selection.

Galapagos vr trip
Galapagos virtual reality field trip

4. Discover ecosystems

Most of us go about our daily lives not thinking about the resources we use or whether those resources will ever run out. This lesson explores the carrying capacity of resources on a small scale that affects the larger scale as we explore various ecosystems. In this VR trip activity, students can select resources found on an island, estimate their longevity, and identify limits for capacity. This lesson also includes a Collaborate Board where students can discuss their survival strategy.

Ecosystems ocean virtual reality travel experiences
Underwater interactive virtual field trips

5. Tour the social-emotional world

Social emotional skills play a crucial role in a person’s success, both socially and academically. In this VR lesson, students will explore self-determination, communication skills, leadership, and creative problem-solving. This lesson includes various interactive Nearpod activities, as well as a video about how to feel motivated and empowered accompanying the virtual field trips.

Social emotional learning virtual field trips
SEL VR trip

6. World cultures and globalization

In this lesson, students will explore world cultures and cultural diffusions. They explore sites around the world, looking for similarities between these cultures and their own through a virtual tour. They will also consider the impact and role of globalization.

Vietnam world culture virtual field trips
Vietnam world cultures vr trip

7. Travel through the United States

In this Nearpod VR mini-lesson on world geography and culture, students travel to the US to learn key facts about the United States and explore some American locations. Students compare and contrast the United States with their own country. If your students live in the U.S., this is a fun way to dive deeper into exploring important locations that students haven’t or have visited using VR field trips.

Time Square virtual field trips
Grand Canyon virtual field trips

8. Inspect ancient empires

In this VR lesson, students learn about the world’s great empires as they explore the ancient ruins of Egypt, Greece, China, and the Inca Empire via virtual reality and make predictions about values and daily life at the time. Students can discuss and share their thoughts using the Collaborate Board and Open-Ended Questions included in the lesson.

Ancient empires Virtual Reality (VR) Field Trip

9. Bring characters to life

In this VR trip lesson, students will learn about the role characters can play in a story and the key components of creating a relatable character. Students will craft characters of their own using inspiration from virtual field trips of animal ecosystems. They can explore different sites all around the world and write about their favorites. Assign this to students for independent work with Student-Paced Mode or synchronously with the class by launching a live lesson.

Virtual Reality (VR) Field Trip map
Dog story writing activity using Virtual Reality Field Trip

10. Wander through nature and write poetry

In this VR lesson, students will strengthen their poetry skills as they learn how authors use sensation and emotion in poems. Students will explore various scenes through virtual reality experiences as inspiration for writing their own poetry.

Exploring nature to inspire poetry writing through VR field trips

Use these virtual reality field trips for students

We have an opportunity to innovate and re-imagine learning as we bring new ideas into our classrooms. Using Nearpod immerses students in different learning experiences or traveling with VR trips, especially during hybrid or distance learning. Nearpod is excellent for assessing students and creating more interactive and engaging lessons that spark curiosity by bringing virtual reality into the classroom! Remember, no VR headsets are needed to use these interactive experiences. Using virtual reality travel experiences as a hook into a lesson makes a difference for students and can be a great way to promote some conversation. Get started by choosing one of the top ten VR field trips and take your students on a VR field trip today!

New to Nearpod? Teachers can sign up for a free Nearpod account below to access these standards-aligned activities and create interactive lessons. Administrators can schedule a call with an expert to unlock the full power of Nearpod for schools and districts.

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