January Classroom Activities

December 14, 2019The Nearpod Team

Coming back to school in January can be a fresh start for your classroom and students.Β  Take advantage of this excitement and energy with FREE classroom activities perfect for January. With lessons on goal setting and reflection, a Google Slides template to create your own Nearpod lessons, and lessons to celebrate and honor January holidays, use Nearpod for the perfect start to the new year.

January Templates for Google Slides

This January, use one of our two seasonal templates for Google Slides! Just make sure you have the Nearpod Slides Add-On. Then, you can build a lesson with your favorite Nearpod features, within Google Slides. These are great for your January classroom activities!

Get the Fireworks Template!

Get the Winter Template!



Classroom Activities for Reflection and Resolutions

January is the perfect time of year for students to reflect on the first half of the school year and set goals.


These free lessons are perfect for teaching your students about SMART goals, and can be done as a class activity, or in student-paced mode for independent reflection.

Check Out the Lessons!

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Activities for January Holidays

The month of January has some of the most important holidays of the year. Save time planning with pre-made lessons to honor holidays likeΒ Martin Luther King Jr.DayΒ  and Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Check Out Seasonal Lessons!



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