Free Lessons for Digital Citizenship Week social media literacy

Free Lessons for Digital Citizenship Week

October 4, 2019The Nearpod Team

What is Digital Citizenship Week?

The third week of October is coined Digital Citizenship Week. Teachers use this time to teach about digital citizenship and provide confidence that their students are capable of using all powerful devices  safely, ethically, and effectively. In order to connect with your students and teach digital citizenship using technology, we’ve curated a set of lessons that you can use in your classroom.

Free Lessons for Digital Citizenship Week

Nearpod and Flocabulary have curated free resources for you for Digital Citizenship Week. There is also a helpful printable so that you can share with your teacher friends! Here’s what we have planned.

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Download Weekly Plans

Day 1 Lesson Plans


Build awareness of Digital Citizenship by teaching a lesson created in partnership with Common Sense Education



Play “What is the Internet?” to show your students how the internet actually works.

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Day 2 Lesson Plans


Next, we’ve made your second days’s lesson to focus on keyboarding. Not only is keyboarding (correct typing) prominent in everyday activity, it’s also needed to complete classwork and assignments. Which is why it’s important to teach keyboarding in schools.  Encourage faster and more effective typing skills by launching a Keyboarding lesson.


Day 3 Lesson Plans


The truth is that rapid advancements are eliminating traditional jobs from the market at an escalating pace. Workers who perform routine tasks and who are trained to replicate are becoming obsolete in today’s growing world of technology. We’re not keeping up. Technology is taking over every aspect of our daily lives. It’s increasingly seen as a necessary prerequisite to obtaining a job. Prepare students to use technology more effectively by teaching a Technology Applications lesson.


Play “Mindfulness & Meditation” to promote media balance

Day 4 Lesson Plans


Help students to become future ready by teaching a Coding lesson.


Day 5 Lesson Plans

Are you teaching your students to resist fake news, navigate productivity software, and understand the way internet runs? Promote the critical evaluation of information online by teaching a Media Literacy lesson.

Free Digital Citizenship Posters!

digital-citizenship-free-lessons-posterDownload these FREE digital citizenship posters to hang in your grade level hallway, teacher’s lounge, and classroom! Also, If you have student devices, you can also use these posters as a tablet background to remind your students to be productive members of the online community, for all those times we aren’t watching.

Download Free Posters







What to do when the Week is Over: 

Continue the conversation about Digital Citizenship beyond this week. Nearpod has Digital Citizenship and Literacy supplemental curriculum to support instruction in computer science including digital citizenship, coding, applications of technology, and media literacy.

Reminder: Tweet a picture of your classroom using these lessons with hashtag #DigCitwithNearpod!

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