Free Digital Citizenship Lessons

Free lessons for Digital Citizenship Week

April 14, 2022The Nearpod Team

What is Digital Citizenship Week?

Every year, the third week of October is coined Digital Citizenship Week. Teachers use this time to teach about digital citizenship and support students in developing the skills they need to use devices safely, ethically, and effectively. Now more than ever it’s important to empower students to think critically and participate responsibly in the digital world through media literacy and social emotional learning skills.

Free lessons for Digital Citizenship Week

Nearpod and Flocabulary have curated free resources for you for Digital Citizenship Week to teach about online safety, cyberbullying, and more. You can use these whether you are teaching virtually, hybrid, or in-person. There is also a helpful PDF below to download and share with your teacher friends! Here’s what we have planned. Tweet a picture of your classroom (virtual or in-person) using these lessons with hashtag #DigCitwithNearpod!

Download weekly plans

Day 1: Introduction to digital citizenship

Nearpod Start the conversation with stand-alone gamified activity such as Time to Climb. Build awareness about dig cit week with these Time to Climb lessons:

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Day 2: Navigate tech applications & the internet

Nearpod  Help students apply digital citizenship skills to new technology with real-life situations that prepare for tech use in and beyond school. Use Matching Pairs and Draw It activities to balance tech use with regular instruction:

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Go back to the basics with this Flocabulary video, “What is the Internet?” to show your students how the internet actually works. Students will learn what the internet is and the importance of IP addresses, routers, and servers. 

Afterwards, share the “Internet Safety” lesson with students to teach them how to create usernames and passwords, when to ask a trusted adult for help and how to keep their smartphones and computers safe from viruses.

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Day 3: Evoke discussion and critical thinking with videos

Nearpod Build a safe space for discussion, collaboration, critical thinking, and student voice through Nearpod’s Interactive Video lessons.

Day 4: Balance media literacy and mindfulness 

Nearpod Address real digital challenges and dilemmas students face today so they become the digital stewards of tomorrow. Use these lessons to teach about social media behavior and cybersecurity:

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Mindfulness is a practice and state of mind that involves noticing your thoughts and bodily sensations. Studies have shown that it can help increase focus, manage stress, and avoid conflict. Play this Flocabulary video,  Mindfulness & Meditation to incorporate life balance.

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Day 5: Wrap up the week by checking for student understanding

Nearpod Nearpod’s 21st Century Readiness Program includes 650+ ready-to-run digital citizenship interactive lessons, videos, and activities covering topics like cyberbullying, coding, keyboarding, social media, media literacy, and more. Every lesson includes social and emotional learning and college and career readiness resources connected to what you’re teaching that day. Shape how your students participate in our interconnected digital world by using our sample lessons: Interested in unlocking our full DCL collection? Share these resources with an administrator to learn more.

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Free Digital Citizenship posters!

Download these FREE digital citizenship posters to hang in your remote classroom, grade level hallway or teacher’s lounge. Also, If you have student devices, you can also use these posters as a tablet background to remind your students to be productive members of the online community, for all those times we aren’t watching.

Download free posters

What to do when the week is over:

Continue the conversation about digital citizenship beyond this week. Nearpod has Digital Citizenship and Literacy supplemental curriculum to support instruction in computer science including digital citizenship, coding, applications of technology, and media literacy. Reminder: Tweet a picture of your classroom using these lessons with hashtag #DigCitwithNearpod
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