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Using Nearpod Beyond the Classroom

February 18, 2018The Nearpod Team


Technology integration increases when school leaders are excited about using the products that teachers are expected to use in their classroom. Nearpod’s interactive platform provides easy opportunities for administrators to leverage technology to streamline communication, improve professional development, and make their daily lives easier.

Here are 10 ways to #LeadwithNearpod:


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  1. Running Faculty Meetings

Deliver important content and receive feedback needed from staff during faculty meetings.

You can drag and drop pre-existing presentations and weave interactive Nearpod activities within.


*Idea → At the beginning of each meeting, have a faculty bell ringer that allows teachers to share accomplishments in their classroom with the Collaborate feature.


  1. Delivering Professional Development Opportunities

Ready to run is a robust collection of over two-dozen learning sessions designed in partnership with leading content experts. Local leaders simply choose a session, review it, personalize it, and then facilitate collective inquiry experiences.

Each 1-hour session can be run in isolation or stacked together for:

  • staff meetings
  • district breakout sessions
  • weekly PLC’s
  • content team meetings
  • grade-level team meetings
  • retreats

To explore the Ready to Run PD collection click here.  


  1. Presenting to your school board or community stakeholders

“I used Nearpod as my medium to engage the Leadership CSISD group (a conglomeration of teachers, parents, school board members, administration and community members) in a round-robin presentation about using technology to transform my classroom so that they could experience learning in my classroom through the lens of my students. Having them connect immediately from any device (BYOD) to interact with my presentation allowed them to experience hands-on one of my favorite vehicles for executing learning experiences!”

Stephanie Ryon, PioNear and Coordinator of Digital Learning at College Station ISD.


  1. Sending information to Parents

Parent communication can be a major pain point for administrators. By sending home a student-paced code, you can easily reach families to disseminate and gather key information about upcoming events, whole-school initiatives, and more!

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  1. Training for Science Fair

Chanel Johnson, STEM Coordinator for Fulton County used Nearpod for her science fair judges competition.


  1. Leading PTA/PTO Meetings

Create agendas with Nearpod and collect valuable data during PTA/PTO meetings. Nearpod has a student notes feature that allows your secretary to record meeting minutes. They can save with the click of the button and instantly share with members.


  1. Gathering Insights during School Events

School Elections or Prom King/Queen ballots need to be cast? Use Nearpod’s formative assessment tools in a way that allows you to collect whole school data and reports instantly.


  1. Announcing and Planning Whole School Initiatives

Inspire technology usage during a district-wide initiative. Have students record what their reading during Drop Everything and Read, their responses for Vocab Word of the Day or solve their math thinking with a Draw it for a Monday Math Puzzle.  


  1. Increasing Engagement during assemblies or grade level meetings

Create interactive school assemblies by allowing your BYOD school to actively participate.


  1. Making Morning/Afternoon Announcements

Share important information with your school and allow students and teachers to feel a part of the announcement by transforming your delivery.


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