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Due to to the tremendous popularity of the PioNear Program, we are currently pausing new applications. Please leave your information if you are interested in being notified when we are accepting new applications.

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Opening quotation marks Happy to be a @nearpod PioNear!Helping teachers around the world integrate purposeful tech into their classrooms! Closing quotation marks

Brita Willis - @brita31 - Third Grade Teacher

Meet the PioNears

Nearpod's 2nd Annual PioNear Summit brought over 100 educational technology leaders to Austin, TX, in January of 2017 to learn, share, and design innovative approaches to classroom technology integration.

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Ron Farrow - Instructional Technology Specialist

Opening quotation marks When the entire time they inspire to do more, you know ur in the right group.. #nearpod #pionearsummit #leadership Closing quotation marks

Kimberly Sara - @KimberlySara08 - Classroom Teacher

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    Nearpod or PioNears find an opportunity to facilitate a workshop, training, or attend a conference.

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    PioNears share their expertise with other educators.

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    Nearpod will provide financial support for their efforts.