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    Purchase a new School or District license and get VR headsets for your classroom*

    *Offer valid for new customers only. Number of headsets depends on number of licenses purchased - max 20 headsets. Minimum 10 teacher licenses required.

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    Student LOVE Virtual Field Trips!

    Imagine taking your students to the Taj Majal, The Pyramids of Giza, the Washington Monument or the Great Wall of China. All from the comfort of your classroom.

    New for 2017: VR Box Sets!

    Brand new VR box sets containing 6 high quality VR headsets.*

    Perfect for every classroom and included with a new purchase of a Nearpod School or District license.

    *Multiple box sets available depending on contract value.

    VR Box Sets

    Nearpod VR works on any device

    Whether you have iPads, Chromebooks, Macs or PCs in your classroom- Nearpod VR works on any device. Our VR headsets make the experience more immersive, but is not required to experience the Virtual Field Trips.

    Ruins of a the greek Parthenon Interior or the church of the Sacred Family The Eiffel Tour People taking pics in an aquarium Ruins of a mayan arqueological site Bryce Canyon National Park Tree houses

    Explore the world with Nearpod

    Watch as students experience Nearpod VR for the first time.

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    • Megan Endicott

      Open quotes icon #Vr is awesome! I used @nearpod VR and took my class inside volcanoes & national landmarks across the country! Close quotes icon

      Mrs. Amy Stone

      4th grade teacher

    • Hanna Dudich

      Open quotes icon I use VR headsets and @Nearpod app 2 organize virtual field trips 2 English speaking countries & interesting places in the world! Close quotes icon

      Hanna Dudich

      EFL teacher

    • Joseph Marquis

      Open quotes icon Exploring Dubai's Burj Khalifa virtually with @nearpod. The VR experience is so amazing that Ss literally cannot stay sitting. Close quotes icon

      Joseph Marquis


    A special thanks to our educator partners: Steve Bambury, Rick Meyer, Eric Shufflebarger, Linda Hochstetler, Paul Thebert, Rachelle Wooten.