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  • Mount Rushmore

  • Lincoln Memorial

  • Mars

  • Ramesses the Sixth Burial

  • Avery Cave

  • Pyramid of Giza

  • Anemone Reef

  • The Louvre Paris

  • Times Square

  • Machu Picchu

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Here's what teachers are saying about Nearpod VR

  • Megan Endicott

    Open quotes icon #Vr is awesome! I used @nearpod VR and took my class inside volcanoes & national landmarks across the country! Close quotes icon

    Mrs. Amy Stone

    4th grade teacher

  • Hanna Dudich

    Open quotes icon I use VR headsets and @Nearpod app 2 organize virtual field trips 2 English speaking countries & interesting places in the world! Close quotes icon

    Hanna Dudich

    EFL teacher

  • Joseph Marquis

    Open quotes icon Exploring Dubai's Burj Khalifa virtually with @nearpod. The VR experience is so amazing that Ss literally cannot stay sitting. Close quotes icon

    Joseph Marquis


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