Valentine’s Day activities for your classroom

January 31, 2022The Nearpod Team

With Nearpod’s premade lessons and activities, you can explore Valentine’s Day activities for the classroom. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to support students’ social and emotional skills. It’s also a great time to focus on self care and stress reduction amongst students through these resources. Nearpod has SEL mini lessons to teach strategies like mantras and growth mindset, plus other freebies to use with your students!

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Lessons

Nearpod’s SEL mini lessons are easy to implement into your class routines all year. However, these lessons are especially relevant on Valentine’s Day. Integrate SEL practices like positive interactions, gratitude, and reflective moments into daily learning to help create safe, inclusive, and effective classroom environments. When social and emotional learning practices are thoughtfully selected and used authentically, they have greater power to be effective. Download these lessons, and support a positive, safe learning environment this February 14th and year-round. Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Use the SEL: Using Mantras activity to help students learn about mantras to understand and manage their emotions.
  • Use the SEL: Warm Up: Encouragement activity to have students draw a picture or write something to encourage someone or brighten their day.
  • Use the SEL: Warm Up: Temperature Check activity to have students take a moment to evaluate how they’re feeling and express it.
  • Use the How to Spread Kindness activity to draw or write one way they can spread kindness.
  • Use the Self-Love Art Therapy Activity video from Thirsty for Art, to have students participate in a step-by-step art therapy activity to find self-love and self-acceptance.

Download SEL lessons

Time to Climb Valentine’s Day Card

We’ve created printable Valentine’s cards with your favorite Time to Climb characters! Share them with your students or your colleagues, or give them to students to share with each other (and, they’re cute in color or black and white!). You can print them out, share digitally, or post them on social media!

Download Valentine’s Cards

Time to Climb Valentine’s Day Theme

Use gamified assessment tools, like Time to Climb, as Valentine’s Day activities for the classroom. Every February, we release a seasonal Valentine’s theme with a new lovely background, animation, and music. Students love choosing new themes and characters whenever they play! Build community, excitement, and healthy competition in your classroom by making Time to Climb a routine in your classroom for reviews, bell ringers, and exit tickets.

Use Time to Climb

Holiday Valentine’s Themed Lessons

Nearpod also has free premade lessons to teach students about the history of Valentine’s day, as well as a few activities to bring Valentine’s Day into your everyday lessons.

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