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6 Presentation tips for effective trainings and conferences

May 24, 2023Nearpod Team

Summertime is the perfect opportunity for professional development and learning for the upcoming school year. Teachers become the students, and many teachers step out of their comfort zone (or into their element) to train other teachers on ed-tech trends and mandated programs. Whether you’re a listener or a presenter, one thing is certain. We all want engaging trainings. Keep reading to explore 6 presentation tips to transform your next training, professional development, or conference experience.

Using Nearpod during trainings keeps everyone engaged and interested. It’s a more interactive and dynamic format! You create the presentation slides and then add interactive activities and media. You can then share the presentation using a 5-digit code, and participants will be able to follow along on their own devices.

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6 Presentation tips for effective trainings and conferences

1. Hold the room’s attention

Nearpod Draw It team building activity 3 things in common, 4 unique things

Are your past presentations created in Keynote, Powerpoint, or Google Slides? Drop your pre-existing presentations and give them a facelift with Nearpod. With Nearpod, you can add interactive activities and engaging media. You can embed multimedia activities like questions, collaboration discussions, videos, and gifs to keep the room’s attention. Participants will be able to follow along and complete prompts on their devices.

If you’re an admin that wants to ensure that all of your teachers are paying attention during the training, you can see who gets out of the lesson because that user will highlight red.

2. Eliminate multi-tab clicking

It’s easy to create a presentation that links to other sites and forms. With Nearpod, you can embed your favorite web links to keep everything in one hub. Include links to forms, articles, and videos. And, of course, you can embed interactive activities, like Polls, Collaborate Board, Matching Pairs, and more.

Presentation tips for how to add web content in lesson
Good presentation tips using Nearpod's Quick Activities

3. Adjust training in real-time

This presentation tip is a game-changer!

Did someone ask a question during the presentation that you would like to share with everyone? Did you think of a new slide or activity idea in the moment? Just like teaching a class, you want to be able to check for understanding in real-time, and with Nearpod’s Quick Start Activities, you can do just that. Choose from popular activities to create a quick assessment that participants can complete. Additionally, Quick Launch gives you the ability to create an open-ended question, Collaborate board, or start a timer.

4. Collect presentation feedback

Embed open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, polls, and Google Forms into your Nearpod lesson.

You can use this to:

  • Determine during the training if anyone has questions.
  • Collect attendee information after the presentation.
  • Collect training feedback.
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5. Brain breaks

It’s not only students that need a break from long-winded presentations; adults also need time to reset.

Here are ways to use Nearpod for brain breaks:

  • Embed a fun video to break up the lengthy lecture.
  • Add discussion questions to a Nearpod slide for controlled chatter.
  • Use the Draw it feature to leverage teacher’s creativity.

6. Incorporate with webinars

Use Nearpod during a Zoom meeting or webinar so that you can embed video clips without the “strain” on the bandwidth of the meeting. Nearpod allows for interactivity that you would normally have in a live session through the Polls, Collaborate Board, open-ended questions without the need for “taking turns” in audio.

Start using Nearpod for presentations

We hope you’ll be using these presentation tips for your next training! Nearpod will transform the way conference participants experience sessions.

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