Fall Release: Bring the World into the Classroom

October 16, 2018The Nearpod Team

Nearpod is excited to unveil what we’ve been working on this Fall!  If you read our Back to School Release blog post, you might be sensing a pattern. All of our updates center around one theme: Bringing the World into the Classroom…so let’s begin exploring what’s new! 

Introducing New Supplemental Curricula:

World Ready

(Historical Perspective & Literacy AND World Languages En Español)

From exploring diverse perspectives in history to teaching language authentically, Nearpod brings the world into every classroom.  Nearpod’s World Ready program supports schools and districts in preparing students for the global economy of today and tomorrow. Get a sneak peek into Historical Perspectives & Literacy and World Languages en Español – available for the 2019-2020 school year!

*gif quality is not actual VR representation
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Historical Perspectives & Literacy

Historical Perspectives & Literacy breaks the mold of traditional history instruction.  Students explore primary sources and dynamic multimedia to analyze diverse perspectives in history and make modern-day connections to the past.

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World Languages En Español

(Featuring VR and Breaking the Barrier)

Language is more than just a graduation requirement. Get a sneak peek into Nearpod's NEW World Languages en Español!Click To Tweet

World Languages (en Español) allows educators to balance both traditional grammar instruction and authentic oral language development.  This K-12 curriculum is thoughtfully designed to reduce student anxiety commonly associated with learning a new language.  Leveraging technology like custom learning widgets and dynamic VR, students are provided with authentic, culturally-relevant opportunities to make learning Spanish meaningful.

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Digital Citizenship & Literacy

Help students take ownership of their digital lives. Nearpod’s Media Literacy bundles have been updated/expanded with a focus on social media and evaluating information online.

Explore Digital Literacy

Professional Development

Students aren’t the only ones who need great content. Our Ready to Run PD is a collection of rich, research-based learning experiences designed for your local leaders to facilitate in person. We’ve added workshops on cultural influences on learning and social-emotional learning to support the new World Ready curricula.

Next up: solo sessions! Access engaging, expert-driven PD through Nearpod – anyplace, anytime. Perfect for missed PD days or to support supplemental, flipped or personalized PD. 

Run to this PD

Product Updates!

Adjust Expiration of Student-Paced Codes!  

Users can now adjust the length of student-paced CODEs for up to 365 days. With this new feature, we’re making it easier than ever for teachers to plan their lessons and for students to access materials all year round. 

This update is helpful for…

Teaching time management, final exam reviews, self-paced mastery learning model, easy access re-do/catch up work, study guides and more!

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Nearpod + ThingLink: New Virtual Reality

We are excited to share that ThingLink and Nearpod have partnered to bring new experiences to language learning! Our lessons use ThingLink’s technology to take students on interactive virtual tours to familiar environments in the community that engage and motivate students to learn. Nearpod’s goal is to “provide the most realistic medium in which language learning becomes meaningful and responsive”. 

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Poll Feature: Enhanced!

Instructions for Poll can now be up to 1000 characters and teachers can add up to 15 answer choices! 

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Are you Ready?

It brings us so much joy to enhance and build Nearpod for every teacher and every student. What do you think about the Fall Release? Let us know in the comments!

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