Nearpod + Common Sense Education

The Leading K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Over 75+ interactive lessons!

Based on research from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, this curriculum covers all grade levels.

Every student can be a Digital Superhero

Watch as students learn about Digital Citizenship

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The nation's leading digital citizenship curriculum from
Common Sense Education combined with interactive activities, assessments, and real-time feedback from Nearpod.

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Empowers students to behave responsibly with technology

Computer, cellphone, tablet illustrations

Aligns with CCSS ELA and ISTE National Education Tech Standards

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Helps your school qualify for e-rate funding

The curriculum covers eight topics

  • Internet Safety

  • Privacy and Security

  • Relationships & Communication

  • Cyberbullying

  • Digital Footprint & Reputation

  • Self-image & Identity

  • Information Literacy

  • Creative Credit & Copyright

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