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Adjust the expiration date of Student Paced CODES!

September 1, 2018The Nearpod Team

Nearpod has been working on something new just for you.

Users can now adjust the length of student-paced CODEs for up to 365 days.

Let’s say you’re a math teacher, and completed your unit on Linear Functions. You can now provide your students with a student-paced CODE, that they can reference up until their final exam. Perhaps you added your class syllabus to Nearpod. Extend the student-paced CODE until the end of the school year, so your students always know what’s coming next. The applications are endless!

With this new feature, we’re making it easier than ever for teachers to plan their lessons and for students to access materials all year round.

Please keep in mind, this is a premium feature and is not available to silver users.*

The secret's out! #NearpodUpdate! ? Premium users can now adjust the length of student-paced CODEs for up to 365 days! ??Click To Tweet

Check out how other educators are using the feature:

  • “Emergency sub plans that have to be turned in at the start of the school year and cover any unplanned absence throughout the year.”
  • “Collection of lessons for enrichment that can stay open throughout the quarter/semester/unit/etc.”
  • “I am using the extended codes so students can go back to them to review for final exams.”
  • I allow redos and make up work all semester this allows me to keep them open till the last day of the semester. No more angry parents when their kid can’t access them.”
  • “I now use this in my course I teach for college. I have it close at the end of the course. No more going back in and adjusting because a student forgot or was absent. It’s amazing and less time to consume.”

The applications are endless. Happy Teaching!

Nearpod update! Teachers can now adust the expiration of student paced codes to 365 days! Learn how to integrate technology in the classroom! Also, perfect for sub plans and lesson ideas!
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