Announcing: Historical Perspectives and Literacy!

October 16, 2018The Nearpod Team

Announcing: Historical Perspectives and Literacy

Available for the 2019-2020 School Year

Transform Social Studies education with Nearpod’s Historical Perspectives and Literacy supplemental curriculum, a standards-aligned offering that features primary sources and dynamic media to bring Social Studies to life.

Take a look at what this new offering which entails Historical Explorations, Ethnic Studies, Historical Literacy, and Global Perspectives is at the core:

  • Teach history through the guided inquiry model with lessons built on the NCSS C3 Framework
  • Leverage dynamic, leading-edge media, like virtual reality, video, and articles to promote media literacy
  • Elevate multiple perspectives in history to support culturally relevant instruction
  • Incorporate literacy skills into the social studies curriculum through both text analysis and inquiry of primary sources.
  • Explicitly bring SEL into the core curriculum, based on CASEL’s core competencies


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