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Incorporating Nearpod with a Thematic Unit

May 23, 2018All Y'All Need

During Farm Week, my Pre-K students used the Nearpod Farm Sounds Lesson to explore farm animals. The students investigated various types of animals, held discussions with other students about their personal experiences with farm animals, as well as identified animal sounds.


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How I introduced and executed the Lesson:

During a cleanup transition, I pulled up the Farm Animals lesson on my laptop and clicked on a farm animal sound. Needless to say, the random “Neigh” got their attention. I explained to them that I am having trouble keeping all of the farm animals and their sounds straight and need their help! In order to help, the students got out their iPads and logged onto the student-led lesson of Farm Animal Sounds by The Nearpod Team. Throughout the lesson, I played up the farm animal confusion. They would play a sound and I would intentionally say an incorrect animal. They would correct me and justify their answers by inferring why a pig would make an oink sound instead of a neighing sound. After going through all of the farm animals, we finished the lesson with singing “Old MacDonald.”

The lesson was truly “the cherry on top.” My students absolutely loved getting to explore the animals we were covering, discussing them amongst their peers, and teaching their teacher the correct animal matches!

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