Nearpod mini-lessons to build classroom routines

August 17, 2020The Nearpod Team

Having strong procedures, classroom management, and routines is one of the most important things you can do to support learning. When teachers establish recurring tasks or activities, it increases efficiency and helps set expectations for students. Keep reading for ideas and free mini-lessons to inspire your classroom routines!

Free Nearpod Lessons to help with Classroom Routines

There are so many lessons that are applicable to routines, we’ve curated some of our favorites below and will explain how they can be used!

#MindfulMondays with SEL check-ins

These short, activity-based SEL lessons leverage Draw It, Collaborate, or open-ended questions. They allow teachers (from K-12) to build quick, SEL-infused activities into their regular routine! These are ready-to-teach mini check-ins that require no prep work from you!

Social emotional learning check in lessons from Nearpod

Begin every lesson with Just a Minute – Interactive Video!

The Just a Minute Series, a part of our Nearpod Original collection of videos, are relevant standards-aligned, engaging one-minute videos created by Nearpod! These videos feature diverse, relatable characters and research-based instruction! 

Don’t stop at Just a Minute videos, you can explore our whole collection of interactive videos or even upload your own videos and make them interactive! Learn how here.

Middle or end of the week quick check lesson ideas!

Draw It lessons

These are a collection of K-12 skills-based practice activities that strengthen student’s understanding of foundational ELA, Math, Science, & Social Studies topics using Nearpod’s interactive Draw it feature!

Prefix lesson for grades 3-5 shown here

Matching Pairs lessons

These skill-based practice lessons strengthen students understanding foundational ELA, Math, Science, & Social Studies topics through a series of fun but challenging activities. These are great for review moments or additional practice opportunities!

Time To Climb: Game based review!

Nearpod’s game-like activity is based on assessment challenges on subject-specific topics. Boost Engagement by using Time to Climb for bell ringers, reviews, exit tickets, and more!

Routine times when teaching

In our first blog post about classroom routines (read here), we share ideas to use Nearpod for engaging bell ringers, competitive reviews, a graphically organized session, gamified exit tickets, and engaging discussions!

A few other ways to leverage Nearpod:

  • Morning Meeting
  • Bell Ringers
  • Exit Tickets
  • Virtual extra practice packets (just send the code!)
  • Individualized remediation and review
  • Extra credit choice boards

Let us know how you plan to use Nearpod for routine moments in your classroom! Don’t stop here! If you love Flocabulary, too, we’ve got ideas waiting for you here!

Want to continue the conversation? Teachers came together and shared the ways they are currently using Nearpod for classroom routines! Read about it here.

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