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New Nearpod app: 8 new features that will help you reinvent your classroom

January 13, 2015The Nearpod Team
Feedback is a gift and our loving community definitely knows we love to receive it 🙂 So we’ve listened to educators’ ideas and suggestions and voilà! A new version of Nearpod, full of surprises, is ready to download.

Here are the top new features we have added recently:

1. New Draw it: One of our most popular features, the Draw it, gets a major redesign: Students can now use more colors, a highlighter, add multiple images (and resize them!), add text, and more.



2. Student Notes: Nearpod’s note-taking feature is looking better than ever! This redesign is more than just a facelift, students can now more easily navigate to notes on past slides and organize them. Check it out.

3. Fill in the Blanks: This classic “drag & drop” activity is now part of Nearpod. Share it with your students and allow them to have fun while learning. It’s super easy to do!

4. Student scrubber: When in self-paced mode, students can navigate the presentation and jump to any slide in an instant by dragging the Student scrubber.



5. Download Nearpods as PDFs: Want to save your Nearpod lessons to go over them when offline or print them? It’ll only take you a few seconds! Find the option at the Nearpod “More” menu.


6. Copy/Paste: If you want to use the same slide or interactive feature within a Nearpod or even in a different one, you now have the option to select it and copy/paste it.



7. Math Symbols: We have added a new functionality that gives students the possibility to add Math symbols when answering polls, quizzes, or open ended questions.



  1. Matching Pairs (BETA): In this classic memory game, students are prompted to find a pair of matching pictures or texts. It can be used to enhance students’ visual memory or just as an icebreaker to relax students before or after a lesson. (Note: This game is still in BETA and we would love to hear your feedback).

Ready to enjoy? Update your Nearpod app now and get ready to boost your Nearpod lessons!

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