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May 6, 2014The Nearpod Team
More Nearpod updates for you to become an expert!

~ New Help section across all platforms: If you need help creating presentations, downloading featured content, or even navigating the site, you’ll now be able to chat with a Nearpod representative in real time. You can also ask a question, send us a tweet, check all our help guides, or join one of our Nearpod WebiNears.

~ Google Drive integration: We have added Google Drive to the list of other useful apps we had previously integrated such as Dropbox and Box.



~ Added filters to My Presentations: When you hit storage limits, you can now sort NPPs based on size in order to delete them more effectively.


~ The ‘Add Video’ feature now supports YouTube: Now it’s easier to add videos to your presentations! You can copy the URL while creating your presentation. No need to download first.


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