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Turning Digital Natives into Responsible Digital Citizens

Digital Citizenship. It’s a lot like the regular Citizenship character trait you probably learned about in grade school, but with a whole new set of rules. Put simply, Digital Citizenship is defined as being responsible, respectful, and safe online. But that’s a very surface level definition for what has recently become a very deep, often […]

Using Nearpod Beyond the Classroom

Technology integration increases when school leaders are excited about using the products that teachers are expected to use in their classroom.

Supporting Effective Classroom Discussions with Nearpod

  When you hear the term class discussion what image pops into your head? I always envision students sitting in a circle with the teacher handing off a “talking stick” so individual students can share their thoughts one at a time while others listen. I also see the quiet and shy students doing everything in […]

4 Benefits of Improving Vocabulary Instruction in your Classroom

  Vocabulary is not an isolated skill. It is based on all areas of communication — listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Thus, having a robust vocabulary is the building block for success.  Make Nearpod a part of your vocabulary routine with our ready-to-teach lessons leveraging collaboration, interactive assessments, real-time feedback, and more! Here are four […]

Using Nearpod for Novel Studies

  Hi friends! I am so excited to talk about today’s topic: Using Nearpod in novel studies! Novel studies are one of my favorite things to teach in the classroom. I usually do three to four a year and we are about to start the second one this week. I’m using one of my absolute […]

Utilizing Nearpod in the Pre-K Classroom

  Nearpod in Pre-K?!? I know you are probably thinking, “Nearpod in Pre-K? That sounds like a headache!” I’m here to tell you that it was one of the easiest lessons I’ve implemented. As any Pre-K teacher can tell you, four year olds are capable of much more than we give them credit. Yes, it […]

New with Nearpod: Easy Ways to Create Nearpod Slides

  New, easy ways to create awesome Nearpod slides We’re excited to share some new, easy ways in which you can make your Nearpod slides more dynamic and impactful. Many of you have told us that you’d like to have more design options to make your Nearpod slides more visually appealing and engaging. We’ve added […]

Differentiating Instruction with Nearpod’s Digital Literacy Centers

  Ever feel like you’re drowning in worksheets and handouts in your classroom? Do you ever feel overwhelmed when trying to organize multiple versions of the same worksheet just to differentiate your instruction? Me too! Before I found Nearpod, I felt like I was wasting so much time at the copier each week only to […]

How Formative Assessment Tools and Strategies Help Guide Instruction and Improve Learning

Improving school-wide learning is both the challenge and the goal of every K-12 administrator and school leader.   While there are a variety of strategies that can help meet this goal, supporting the use of formative assessments is one that can be easily implemented, at little to no cost. In addition to the low cost […]

Formative Assessment Ideas for Elementary Students

  When promoting the school-wide use of formative assessments, there are grade level considerations that must be made by administrators and educational leaders.  Formative assessment options that might be well suited for secondary students are not always appropriate at the elementary level. In general, the goal of formative assessments should be to collect data on […]