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1:2 and 1:3 Mobile deployements with Nearpod

October 5, 2014Nearpod Team
We have heard a lot about the 1:1 device deployment model during this past year. Giving one computer or mobile device to every student results in universal access to technology both inside and outside the classroom.

This gives students access to information online, at anytime, from anywhere. Students can download content, receive and send homework by email, participate in social networks and more. But … what if there’s no possibility of giving one device to every student?

Lots of schools are still exploring the best ways to integrate technology in the classroom and are slowly adopting new methods. One option is to have students share devices. While the 1:1 model allows for personalized access and self-paced activities to figure out on your own and a little bit of more independence, 1:2 and 1:3 models open doors for a great bunch of options (apart from the fact that it’s less expensive for schools that may not be able to afford a 1:1 mobile deployment)

Working together with other classmates enhances collaboration, group work, and peer to peer instruction. Students actually learn how to share more than a classroom tool. They learn to listen, exchange ideas, and come to an agreement when needed. Nearpod allows teachers to add slideshows that students can discuss in pairs or groups, drawing activities to be creative together, and videos or websites that more than two students can see from a single device.



What other ideas come to your mind when thinking of activities for students who are sharing devices? Tell us on twitter, using #NPTips !

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