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Benefits of Nearpod's Digital Citizenship & Literacy Curriculum:

Open quotes icon I was struggling with classroom participation and then found Nearpod which changed everything. My class is intended for students who are struggling with reading; I have students with IEPs, 504s and students receiving ELL services. Needless to say, when language is a struggle, students can at times feel uncomfortable speaking in front of the class. At the beginning of the year, I found that only one or two students were participating in large group discussions. When I use Nearpod, everyone participates. It's been incredibly helpful. Close quotes icon
Andrew Silverstein, Earle B. Wood Middle, MD
Open quotes icon As a Technology Integration Specialist for my district, we noticed a real need for a Digital Citizenship curriculum. We were lacking in skills for students and for teachers. We wanted to find a way to deliver Digital Citizenship curriculum in an engaging way that would be easy for teachers to access and deliver. Nearpod has been excellent in allowing teacher to feel more comfortable delivering lesson that teach students the skill they need to know to stay safe online. Close quotes icon
David Harris, Mountain View Whisman, CA
Open quotes icon At the start of the school year, I teach digital citizenship lessons. At times, it is hard to hold students' attention when going over best practices for working and communicating online. Using the activities feature on Nearpod, engaged my students more in the content and provided me with immediate feedback on the topics we were discussing. Using the polls, draw it, and collaborate board enables quick assessments and active participation from all students. Close quotes icon
Casey Phillips, Tadmore Elementary School, GA

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