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Leveraging PhET Interactive Simulations using Nearpod

April 27, 2018The Nearpod Team


What is PhET?

PhET simulations engage students in science and math concepts through an intuitive, game-like environment. Students learn through exploration and discovery. Developed at the University of Colorado – Boulder, these simulations are a perfect way to incorporate inquiry into your science or math classroom. They are great as no-prep labs!


Why PhET and Nearpod?

Earlier this year, Nearpod and PhET teamed up to bring their interactive simulations to bring teachers another way to use Nearpod to deepen student learning. We’ve added all of PhETs HTML5 simulations to our content tool (they work on all devices–just like Nearpod!), and released a growing collection of 50 ready-to-teach lessons that follow the BSCS 5E model and are aligned to NGSS’s Appendix F.

By launching PhET simulations through Nearpod, EVERY student participates in the exploration, which is directly embedded in your Nearpod lesson. Now, these simulations can be a seamless part of the learning experience, and all students can instantly access. Best of all, as the teacher, you decide when it’s time to move on–with zero cleanup!



Adding PhET Simulations to your Nearpod Presentation

Adding PhET simulations to your Nearpod lesson is just as easy as adding any of our other interactive or content features.

Add slide, add content, click PhEt simulations.

They can be added to any of your own lessons, or customize a ready-to-teach lesson from our content store!



Ready-to-Teach Lessons

Want to explore our PhET lessons? Click here!


PhET Webinar

Learn more by listening to our Learning Experience Designer as she walks through a PhET lesson!

Click here to watch.

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