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#NearpodChat: Evaluating Edtech in the Classroom – September 6, 2017

September 15, 2017The Nearpod Team

We recently wrapped up another engaging #NearpodChat on Evaluating Edtech in the Classroom. Co-hosting this time was our very own Community Manager, Bryn Hafemeister. Follow her on Twitter @brynhafemeister!

Click here to see the whole discussion from September’s #NearpodChat.

Below are some of our favorite tweets from the recent chat.


Q1: How do you determine if tech is effective in the classroom?


Q2: How have you used tech to save time and increase efficiency as a teacher?


Q3: How do you use tech to design old student activities in new ways?


Q4: How do you use tech to create previously inconceivable learning experiences for students?


Q5: What tools and strategies do you use to encourage student collaboration?


Q6: What are 3 indicators that you use to decide to go tech or not?


Join us for our next #NearpodChat on October 4th, 2017!

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