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My Favorite Nearpod Lesson – Animal Adaptations

November 3, 2016The Nearpod Team

This is a guest blog post from Melissa Adams, a 3rd grade Math and Science teacher in Carrollton, TX.

My school has a grant to purchase iPads for every child on our campus. This makes using Nearpod incredibly easy and an almost daily activity.

My favorite Nearpod lesson is Rick Meyer’s lesson on Animal Adaptations. It was such a great summary of  everything I taught in our animal adaptations unit. The kids interact and contribute to the lesson, and it’s easy to prep since I don’t have to hunt down all of the resources!

Before I used Nearpod, I searched for resources that showcased each type of adaptation, then added everything to a Powerpoint presentation, which I projected in front of the class. I also printed paper worksheets or quizzes for my students to complete during the lesson. Now, I  have it all in one place!

My students are much more engaged in the lesson since everyone can participate and share their answer for every question, and there’s a variety of ways to convey new information, from images to videos to virtual field trips and draw-it activities. Then, it’s easy for me to assess my students at the end of the lesson to make sure they understand the different types of adaptations. Less time planning for me, and more fun for my kids!

Check out Animal Adaptations and Rick’s other science lessons here.

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