• 6 ways to create opportunities for student voice in Nearpod

    October 29, 2021 ErikaTepler

    Creating opportunities for student voice in the classroom is more important now than ever. If you’re finding student motivation levels to be somewhat low, you’re not alone. The excitement of coming back to school has worn off and now, teachers everywhere are dealing with the strange effects the past two years have had on student…

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  • How to teach your students to use Nearpod

    August 13, 2021 ErikaTepler

    While many of our students are technology wizzes, most students need to be taught how to use Nearpod. Just like students need explicit instruction in the core content areas, students need to be clearly instructed in how to access the unique features that Nearpod has to offer. Using Nearpod is simple because it was designed…

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