• Why is Digital Citizenship important for 21st-century students?

    What is digital citizenship and why’s it important for students?

    October 11, 2022 DarriStephens

    What is digital citizenship and why’s it important? Explore tips and tools for schools to empower students to be responsible digital citizens.

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  • Prioritize teacher self-care: 4 ways to support educators’ wellbeing

    August 19, 2022 DarriStephens

    With an increase in teacher burnout, use these tips to focus on prioritizing teacher self-care and your staff’s wellbeing.

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  • 10 Ideas for redesigning a new teacher orientation

    August 16, 2022 DarriStephens

    Facing a teaching shortage crisis, school and district administrators are redesigning their new teacher orientations. Use these Nearpod tips!

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  • Back to School: Icebreakers and first week of school activities with Nearpod

    July 29, 2022 DarriStephens

    Planning for back to school? Explore these first week of school activities and icebreakers to use with your students.

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  • Actionable steps to address learning loss

    Actionable steps to address learning loss

    April 25, 2022 DarriStephens

    Explore actionable steps you can take to address learning loss with your teachers and staff using tips and resources from Nearpod.

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  • Moving Beyond Tech Fatigue in the Classroom

    March 11, 2022 DarriStephens

    Teachers and students are particularly at risk these days when it comes to overcoming fatigue, especially tech fatigue. Otherwise known as screen fatigue, digital fatigue, or technostress, tech fatigue can come about simply by trying to keep up with the ever-changing edtech world. And it’s a real problem when it becomes an obstacle to meeting,…

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