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What’s new: Nearpod 8.5 now available for iOS!

May 4, 2016The Nearpod Team

A  Nearpod update  is available on the App Store with a new look & feel, and improvements to enhance your classroom experience.

The update includes:

Anonymous studentsThis functionality gives you the option to hide students’ names when projecting the Nearpod teacher dashboard, which keeps students’ names and answers anonymous.





Remove students in a live session: Students can be removed from a session’s list if they entered an incorrect name or accidentally joined a session twice.



– Students can screenshot Virtual Field TripsThere’s now a camera button integrated into your virtual field trip activities so students can document their exploration of new places. The screenshots are automatically saved in the device’s Photo library.



As part of the new design, we have improved the teacher experience of editing and saving a Nearpod lesson. As soon as you are done editing a presentation, you can easily save changes and the lesson will be available for you to launch in class!



We’ve also renamed Nearpod “Homework” to “Student-paced”. When you click “student-paced”, a pin will appear that allows students to join the Nearpod lesson and learn at their own pace. You will still receive student feedback and formative assessment data in your Nearpod Reports.



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