• 6 reasons your school’s math instruction needs Nearpod Math

    December 29, 2021 Pamelavillalba

    Nearpod Math is our new and exciting approach for supplementing math instruction using robust, standards-aligned math content organized in one place to easily find exactly what you need. Combining real-world connections, virtual math manipulatives, and a research-based framework, this supplemental offering will provide classrooms with a variety of opportunities to support everyday teaching, differentiated instruction,…

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  • 7 tips for teaching math in any classroom with Nearpod

    July 1, 2021 Kate Roscioli

    Nearpod makes teaching math engaging for students while simultaneously promoting mathematical discourse and providing formative data to teachers. Math performance across the US continues to be an increasing concern. Based on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, 2019, only 41% of our 4th graders, 34% of our 8th graders and 24% of our 12 graders…

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