#NearpodChat: Preparing for Back to School – August, 2017

August 4, 2017Nearpod Team

We recently wrapped up another engaging #NearpodChat on Back to School Preparation. Co-hosting this time was our very own Teacher Support Specialist and founder of peppyzestyteacherista.com, Amber Calderon. Follow her on Twitter @PeppyZestyTeach and Instagram @PeppyZestyTeacherista!

Here are some of the top Tweets in response to August 2nd’s #NearpodChat on Back to School Preparation!

Q1: What are your instructional goals for this academic year?


Q2: What can teachers and admin do the first week of school that will make a dramatic difference the rest of the year?



Q3: How do you plan to monitor appropriate use of technoogy in the classroom?



Q4: How do you plan to collaborate and utilize other teachers’ strengthes when lesson planning?



Q5: How do you plan to leverage technology to meet the needs of each student this year?


Q6: How do you envision Nearpod benefiting your class this year?


See the whole discussion for August’s #NearpodChat here.


Join us for our next #NearpodChat on September 6th, 2017!


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