To be part of the MAGIC, you can now update to enjoy the latest version of the Nearpod platform.

> Direct access to Reports

> Open in Nearpod

> Smart Upload

> New scrubber

> Audio mirroring

What’s new

– Direct access to Reports: decide if you’d like to visit your library to share lessons, explore the Nearpod Store to find new resources, join a live session, create your own content, or access Reports to assess students’ performance.


– Open in Nearpod: search for pdf, zip, or ppt files and in one click, Nearpodwill turn the file into a presentation and launch a live session (files can be stored online, in an application, in your email inbox, or device)


– New scrubber: you’ll now have the ability to drag the slide that you’d like to share into the dashboard at any time during a lesson. The scrubber hides when you are not using it to allow for a smoother experience.



– Audio mirroring: teachers can now listen to audio slides included in the presentations.


Our Content Creation Tool has also been redesigned 😉 Your lessons will be much more engaging and rich with these new interactive features: Twitter Stream and PDF Viewer.
We’d love to hear from you at the  Nearpod HELP Center, please check out these short guides to get started and become a Nearpod expert! And remember, Nearpod is now available for everyone, no matter which device you or your students have!

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