• My Nearpod Experience: Pen pals for kids

    My Nearpod Experience: Pen pals for kids

    May 5, 2022 Shavonne Morganm

    As a teacher, creating your pen pals for kids program can be an exciting experience for educators and learners alike. Using the education resources of Nearpod, I developed an international pen pal program to help with teaching grammar and writing. My initiative was supported by technology such as Nearpod activities and content to facilitate a pen pal…

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  • How to use tech tools for project based learning

    February 3, 2022 Shavonne Morganm

    Project based learning, or PBL, is an instructional approach where students actively think through challenges and explore real problem solving opportunities. Consider not just having math class, but creating a classroom store that makes a profit for a community or global relations initiative. Think about not just learning the plant cycle, but creating a school…

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