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4 ways Nearpod helps with substitute teacher plans

November 5, 2020The Nearpod Team

Now and always, we know how important it is to look out for the health and safety of our school communities. No matter your district’s approach to instruction this year, teacher absences are bound to happen. Read on for tips to make them a smoother experience for classroom teachers, substitute teachers, and students.

 Keep student work organized

One of the biggest stresses of “sub work” can be organizing student work before and after the teacher is absent.

With Nearpod, there’s no need to print in advance (students just join the Nearpod lesson!), and since all of their responses are digital, papers won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Create and send substitute teacher plans within Nearpod

Did you know Nearpod has a feature that helps teachers create sub plans? You can load up lessons into your sub plan in advance, and automatically generate Student-Paced codes.

Once you’ve created your sub plan, simply add in the email address of the sub, or an admin, to automatically send your plan and instructions. Even better, student responses will be saved in your account, stored with the rest of your Nearpod Reports. Learn more here.

Note: Nearpod for Sub Plans is available to teachers with Gold, Platinum, School, or District subscriptions.

Find pre-made lessons

Sometimes unplanned absences come up, and you might need last minute sub work. When this happens, Nearpod has you covered.

We’ve curated standards-aligned lessons that are great for Student-Paced, independent work. They’re there for when you need an emergency plan, but are also great for creating sub work in advance!

Make it easy for subs (and students!)

With Nearpod, there’s no student login required. This means that a sub doesn’t need to track down passwords or learn how to use a complicated new tool.

Instead, they can focus on monitoring and supporting students.
If your students are already used to using Nearpod, that’s great! But even if they’re not, we’ve created this video tutorial to help them out, so even if you’re not with them, you can trust that your students know how to get started.

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