Monthly Archive:: April 2017

Nearpod’s Ready-To-Teach Lessons: Research Bundles + Teaching Tolerance by Monica Burns

Author and Speaker Monica Burns of shares her love for Nearpod in her recent review of our new skills-based research bundles and Teaching Tolerance lessons.

TEDxABQ Education 2017 & Nearpod

Rachel Thomas and Steven Lamb are elementary school teachers in Albuquerque Public Schools and Nearpod PioNears. They regularly connect their classrooms using digital tools, and recently spoke about their collaboration at a TEDx event.

Introducing the Schoology and Nearpod Integration

Teachers with Gold, School or District licences can now access any of Nearpod’s thousands of complete, pedagogically-sound lessons from within the Schoology LMS.

Nearpod in K-5: Top Tips for Elementary Teachers

Bethany Marcusson is a Nearpod Trainer & Teacher Liaison. She joined Nearpod after 12 years as a K-5 teacher and administrator and wanted to share some of her top tips for Nearpod integration in elementary school classrooms.

Using Nearpod Collaborate School Wide to Give Students a Voice

Read about how Nancy Zabukovec used Nearpod over her school’s PA system to run a virtual assembly and gather student feedback on the importance of healthy eating with the help of Nearpod’s Collaborate feature.