Become a Nearpod Certified Trainer

Equip teachers to unlock Nearpod superpowers and transform their teaching with technology.

Why become a Nearpod Certified Trainer?

  • Unlimited licenses

    Lead Nearpod trainings at your school/district and receive specialized training and training materials that are updated frequently

  • 6500+ lessons

    Grow your experience as a professional development facilitator and share the Nearpod love with teachers everywhere

  • 150+ Digital Citizenship lessons

    Access special events and resources from Nearpod

  • Merge multimedia and real-time

    Earn Nearpod Certified Trainer credentials and connect with a community of trainers around the world

Nearpod Certified Trainer Levels

  • Nearpod Certified Trainer Level 1

    Nearpod Certified Trainer Level 1

    Level 1 Nearpod Certified Trainers are selected by their administrators to receive extensive training from the Nearpod team. They support teachers by leading Nearpod 101 training and serving as a Nearpod knowledge base within their district.

  • Nearpod Certified Trainer Level 2

    Nearpod Certified Trainer Level 2

    Level 1 Nearpod Certified Trainers are eligible to pursue Level 2 Nearpod Certified Trainer status. Level 2 Nearpod Certified Trainers receive additional training from the Nearpod team, becoming Nearpod experts in their district and leading advanced training.

How do I qualify to become a Nearpod Certified Trainer?

  • Nearpod for EL

    Nearpod expertise

    • High Nearpod usage

    • Model creation of high quality Nearpod lessons

    • Become a master of Nearpod’s features

    • Understand and share Nearpod’s value in the classroom

  • Nearpod for EL

    Professional development experience

    • Introduce teachers to Nearpod

    • Lead many professional development sessions

    • Customize your PD sessions to meet the needs of various participants

  • Nearpod for EL

    Enthusiasm and Willingness To Learn

    • Be Eager to learn from the Nearpod training team

    • Share Best Nearpod Practices with Teachers

    • Stay Informed on Nearpod’s Training & Product Updates

Certification Process

  • Complete Application

    Attend Training led by Nearpod Professional Services Team

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  • Complete Project

    Lead Trainings to Your Teachers/ Staff

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  • Attend webinars

    Reflect on the Experience

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  • Ready to train

    You're Certified! Get Your Badge and Certificate!

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