Monthly Archive:: March 2017

Nearpod Best Practices for English Language Arts Teachers by Stephen Scott Whitaker

Stephen Scott Whitaker, an award winning educator of Pocomoke High School in Worcester county Maryland, tells us about how he uses Nearpod to engage his English Language Arts students in this latest blog.

Nearpod iOS 9.6 Update Now Available

Our latest iOS update includes several improvements that will make the teaching experience from your iPhone or iPad even better! Take a look at the updates below and download to version 9.6 today.

5 Ways Nearpod Transformed My Teaching by Monica Burns

Teacher and author Monica Burns tells us how she was able to transform her teaching when she started using Nearpod in her classes.

Nearpod “Best Practices” For Math Class v2.0

Looking for ideas to improve your Math Class? Math teacher Cathy Yenca (mathycathy) shares her best tips for engaging students with Nearpod. Read her blog post to find out more!

Field Notes Week 3: Unpacking Ideas: 8 Ways to Use Nearpod Collaborate! TODAY!

Continue along with Jennifer Williams’ month-long journey of exploring ways teachers are creatively using Nearpod’s Collaborate! in classrooms across our country in the 3rd part of her series.

The Nearpod Journey Continues

Today we are proud to announce that we have raised a $21MM round of funding led by Insight Venture Partners, to help us build on the momentum and key milestones we have achieved thus far. This new funding will help us grow our team, develop new product features, create more interactive content and expand our portfolio of products to help our users solve new and important challenges facing the the k-12 education system.