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What is Nearpod? See how it works

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How Nearpod works in any setting

Use with any tech

Use with any device, including smartphones, and any internet connection, even cellular.

Teach synchronously

Use with any conferencing solution. Sync and control students’ screens.

Teach asynchronously

Assign self-paced lessons or homework. Receive detailed reports to monitor student progress.

Track and analyze performance

Receive real-time input during live lessons and post-session reports for both live and student-paced lessons.

Access relevant, pre-made lessons or upload your own

Choose from 22,000+ editable, premade lessons or upload your own Google slides, PowerPoints or PDFs.

Provide supports for all learners

Easily modify and enhance existing lessons to support Exceptional Learners.

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Nearpod takes your privacy seriously

We believe in protecting student privacy. Nearpod is a proud signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge. Learn more here by reading our privacy statement ⟶