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We enable EL teachers to effectively prepare our students to thrive through resources that foster equity and global awareness.

From building background knowledge using VR to cultivating emergent literacy for SLIFE using Draw-It, Nearpod EL opens new doors to support your teaching.

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Building Background Knowledge

Immerse your ELs in real life connections with a tool like Virtual Reality. With access to thousands of high quality 360° panoramas, teaching is made meaningful and exciting.

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Vocabulary Instruction

Use nonlinguistic representation and oral processing to augment your vocabulary instruction. This way, your ELs can more easily create meaning and make associations to new words.

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Progress Monitoring

Give an assessment on the fly where students can draw or type. You can view and export this data to augment your traditional summative assessments.

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Comprehensible Input

Make the text come alive. Scaffold your teaching with interactive and stunning 3D tools to allow ELs to visualize new concepts.

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Make the content your own with easily editable lessons.

Nearpod EL Complete Solution

Everything is Backed by the Latest Research

  • Dr. Kate Kinsella
  • Dr. Robert Marzano
  • Dr. Diane S. Fenner
  • SIOP
  • MALP

Your EL Lesson Library

Get access to hundreds of lessons across Academic Vocabulary, Building Background, Newcomer Essentials and grade level content area bundles. All lessons are editable to fit your needs.

Nearpod EL helps you satisfy ESSA requirements

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Adam Howard
Open quotes What an amazing product. It is both ready to go where we can implement it immediately, but also customizable to our student and classroom needs. Close quotes

Kaitlyn Girod,
Hispanic Community Services Advisor, Olathe Public Schools, KS

Rachelle Dene Poth
Open quotes Some students who do not always succeed with traditional instruction, are very successful with Nearpod. These are ELL students at a variety of levels. It really seemed to speak to them. Close quotes

Aileen M Wolfe-Goldhirsh,
DLA Teacher Broward County, FL

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