Monthly Archive:: February 2015

Introducing Nearpod and OZY!

We are thrilled to announce that Nearpod is partnering with OZY one of the fastest-growing digital magazines in the country.

Neither snow nor rain nor sleet… Can stop a great teacher

Resourceful educators set up virtual classrooms with Nearpod on snow days. Snow blanketed much of the East Coast, Midwest, and Southern parts of the United States over the past few weeks.

Happy Chinese New Year

Learn all about the holiday traditions! This great new Nearpod from Jennifer Nichols is all about the holiday traditions of Chinese New Year.

Design, create, capture and recall with Nearpod’s New Features!

Take a look at what’s behind the new Draw It and Student note-taking features. Now that we’ve introduced you to our new features, let’s take a closer look at the education research and rationale behind them.