Nearpod for ELL A research-based approach to ELL instruction

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A recent report by WestEd (2014) found that teachers of English Language Learners (ELL) must design their instruction to “amplify rather than simplify” concepts to offer the academic rigor necessary for students’ learning (p. 11). In other words, teachers must augment their lessons so that they include multiple pathways to learning, particularly when it comes to providing plenty of verbal and nonverbal messages (11). This can be challenging, especially for teachers who may teach a range of students.

Nearpod for ELL aligns to this model of amplification and supports teachers in implementing this instructional model. With Nearpod for ELL, ready-to-run lessons provide an interactive, standards-aligned curriculum designed to engage and inspire English Language Learners across subject areas and grade levels. Nearpod lessons leverage digital activities and research-based formative assessments to seamlessly connect instruction and evaluation to meet the unique learning needs of ELL students. The lessons are designed to teach rigorous Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies content through scaffolded instruction and strategies to support language acquisition.

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