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    Create interactive lessons with polls, gamified quizzes, open-ended questions and more.

    • Class Size: Up to 40
    • Storage Space: Up to 50 MB
    • Lesson Size: Up to 20 MB
    • Hundreds of free lessons
    • Silver features
      • Convert Powerpoint and Google Slides
      • Gamified assessments
      • Google Classroom Integration
      • Remind Integration
      • Virtual Field Trips
      • Matching Pairs
      • & more!
  • GOLD


    (only $10/month!)

    Assign homework, create your own virtual field trips, add websites, videos and so much more.

    • Class Size: Up to 50
    • Storage Space: Up to 3 GB
    • Lesson Size: Up to 40 MB
    • Hundreds of free lessons
    • All Silver Features
    • Gold features
      • Convert Slides to Draw It
      • Multiple Active Sessions
      • Export Lessons as PDF
      • Student Paced
      • Student Paced Results
      • Individual Student Reports


    (only $29/month!)

    Get unlimited access to over 7,500 K-12 lessons for every grade and subject.

    • Class Size: Up to 75
    • Storage Space: Up to 5 GB
    • Lesson Size: Up to 50 MB
    • Unlimited access to thousands of lessons in Lesson Library:
      • Amplify lessons
      • Education.com lessons
      • LearnZillion lessons
      • iCivics lessons
      • Lifeliqe lessons
      • & more!
    • All Silver features
    • All Gold features
    • Platinum features:
      • Student Notes
      • Nearpod for Sub Plans
      • & more!

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    Integrate your LMS, get exclusive usage and assessment reporting and more!

    • Class Size: Up to 200
    • Storage Space: Up to 20 GB
    • Lesson Size: Up to 80 MB
    • Unlimited access to thousands of lessons in Lesson Library
    • Premium content packages
    • Dedicated Nearpod specialist
    • LMS Integrations:
      • Canvas
      • Schoology
      • Blackboard
      • Itslearning
      • & more
    • All Silver features
    • All Gold features
    • All Platinum features
    • School & District features
      • School & District Library
      • Desmos Integration
      • User management
      • & more!
Brianna Owens
Open quotes Even if I don’t get funding I’ll invest my own money in Nearpod - you can’t go back to regular PowerPoint after the students have experienced the interactivity. Close quotes

Brianna Owens — Educator

Jessica Wade
Open quotes Love the idea of flip-instruction using Nearpod! Students have more choice in how they receive and interact with their learning. Close quotes

Jessica Wade — Educator

Rachelle Dene Poth
Open quotes Love Nearpod, total game changer last year with my Ss and having them lead and create Close quotes

Rachelle Dene Poth — Language Teacher

Heather Lamb
Open quotes Love the flexibility of responses available when using Nearpod to differentiate lesson activities for students Close quotes

Heather Lamb — Teacher-Librarian