The Effect of Nearpod on Reading Comprehension, Focus and Engagement by Lisa Gottfried, Teacher, New Tech High, Napa, CA, M. Ed., Innovative Learning, Touro University, CA

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This study sets out to explore how the use of Nearpod, in conjunction with sustained silent reading, allows high-school students to engage in texts on a deeper level and motivates students to continue reading more often and for longer periods of focused attention.

Forty-five high school students participated in traditional and Nearpod-based question-and-answer activities after participating in a sustained silent reading activity. The students assessed their reading engagement levels before and after the study and also answered reading comprehension questions. At the end of the study they responded to open-ended questions about their experiences with Nearpod as compared to the traditional method question and answer method. Throughout the study, the researcher kept an observation journal to record body language and what students said aloud as they participated in the process. Download the study to learn more about the results of this research.

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