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Add VR to any lesson!

Nearpod VR
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    • Add VR to any lesson!
    • Formative assessments like Polls, Quizzes, Draw It, Open Ended Questions, and Time to Climb
    • Additional formative assessments like matching pairs, fill in the blanks, and memory tests
    • Lesson Storage Space
    • 50MB
    • 3GB 60x more storage!

Flexible pacing!

Nearpod VR

60x more storage!

Nearpod VR
Jessica Wade
Open quotes icon Students have more choice in how they receive and interact with their learning. Close quotes icon
Jessica Wade - Educator
Rachelle Dene Poth
Open quotes icon Love Nearpod , total game changer last year with my Ss and having them lead and create Close quotes icon
Rachelle Dene Poth - Language Teacher
Heather Lamb
Open quotes icon Love the flexibility of responses available when using Nearpod to differentiate lesson activities for students Close quotes icon
Heather Lamb - Teacher-Librarian

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