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  • Tap into every learner with real-time formative assessment.

    Tap into every learner with real-time formative assessment.

  • Maximize your technology investment.

    Maximize your technology investment.

  • Enable 100% student participation.

    Enable 100% student participation.

  • Bring the world into your classrooms.

    Bring the world into your classrooms.

  • Make technology integration easy for every teacher.

    Make technology integration easy for every teacher.

  • Support the future child.

    Support the future child.

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Leverage the full power of Nearpod.

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Share and organize lessons

Share and organize lessons across your district

Curate and control lessons for your teachers across school and district levels with private, organized school libraries.

Monitor student growth

Monitor student growth with formative assessment

Monitor your investment impact through a wide range of admin tools and reporting that inform impact reporting, grant writing, eRate funding, etc.

Access leading-edge content

Access leading-edge content built in partnership with respected publishers

Unlock content you can trust including Digital Citizenship & Literacy, College & Career Exploration, Nearpod EL and Nearpod PD.

Integrate into your technology

Integrate into your technology landscape

Integrate within your Google, Microsoft, or Apple cloud-based solution with any device or browser. Streamline your district-wide tech investments by integrating with your LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology or itslearning.)

Nearpod expands and integrates into your universe.

  • Microsoft
  • Canvas
  • Google
  • Apple
  • itslearning
  • Schoology
  • Blackboard

Empower every teacher to reach every learner with Nearpod Learning Labs!

Provide teachers with expert-derived, experience-rich, and tech-enhanced professional development to maximize the impact of Nearpod’s Digital Citizenship & Literacy content for students.

  • New Digital Identity
  • Profile Picture Catherine Mendoza

    “My teachers would much prefer this style of professional development. They got more out of what Nearpod did today than they do from the PDs they are usually offered.”

    Eryn Pluim

    Instructional Coach, Gloucester County Schools

Leverage the full power of Nearpod.

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