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insights into student learning using Nearpod last year.

However you create and deliver lessons, it’s in Nearpod

However you create and deliver lessons, it’s in Nearpod

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Create lessons for:

• Interactive slides

• Interactive video

• Gamificaiton & activities

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Find standards-aligned content:

• 8,500+ lessons

• 10,200+ videos

• 3,300+ activities

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Review student work:

Post-session reports

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Teach three ways:

• Live Participation

• Student-Paced

• Front of Class

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Upload your:

• PowerPoints

• Videos

• Google Slides

• YouTube videos

• PDFs

Make every lesson interactive

first connectorGet started creating a lesson, video, or activity. Upload your favorite resources (PowerPoints, Google Slides, PDFs, videos). Or choose from 22,000+ ready-to-teach , customizable, standards-aligned premade lessons, videos, and activities from trusted educational publishers.

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secondCustomize lessons with 20+ formative assessments and dynamic media experiences. Check for student understanding and deepen engagement with Draw It, Polls, Drag & Drop, Open-Ended Questions, VR Field Trips, PhET Simulations, and more.

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third iconVisualize and support student understanding. Use insights from formative assessments and dynamic media features to guide your teaching and improve student outcomes. Adapt your instruction or address misconceptions on the fly during lessons based on feedback from real-time data.

Same lesson, any setting

Reduce lesson creation time with premade lessons, videos, and activities

Search by standard for every grade and subject for resources built in partnership with your favorite brands, like PhET, iCivics, and Readworks and now video partners like CrashCourse and SciShow Kids. Easily customize to fit the needs of your students.

Can’t wait to get started?

Try a Time to Climb game and turn your quick activities, exit tickets, and checks for understanding, into a competitive game with instant student feedback. Time to Climb is the perfect way to get started with Nearpod.

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