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Spend less time planning and more time teaching with the deepest integration of your favorite classroom tools!

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  • Create, edit, collaborate, repeat - all within Google Slides!

    Embed and edit your favorite Nearpod activities and features directly within Google Slides! Bonus: you can now collaborate with colleagues when creating lessons.

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Add rich and dynamic media to enable 100% student participation.

Add YouTube videos, Virtual Field Trips, and other immersive experiences to ignite student engagement. Source for content in lessons directly from the web using Google Safe Search.

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  • Upload and deliver the magic of Nearpod to your students!

    Easily upload your Google Slides into Nearpod. Students can join the lesson from any device or web browser with a simple join code. Students can also access through apps on Android, iOS, and Microsoft. Bonus: Students can save their notes directly to Google Drive!

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Assign Nearpod within Google Classroom

Post your Nearpod lesson to your Class Page to share with your students. Students can then launch the lesson directly from Google Classroom in one click.

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Open quotes icon With today’s technologically savvy students, it is a challenge to engage them in more traditional types of direct instruction. Nearpod has helped me transform regular Powerpoint and Google Slides and leverage them into interactive collaborative lessons. This brings students together in a way I’ve never seen before. Close quotes icon -Patrice Steller, English Language Arts Teacher- New Jersey

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