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Here’s how Nearpod works.

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Save time with premade lessons, aligned to TEKS

Search by Texas standards for every grade and subject for resources built in partnership with your favorite brands, like PhET, iCivics, and ReadWorks and now video partners like CrashCourse and SciShow Kids. Easily customize to fit the needs of your students.

How to make every lesson interactive

first iconGet started with what you already have. Upload and make any of your favorite resources (PowerPoints, Google Slides, and now, any video) interactive. You can even upload videos directly from YouTube.

second iconGive every student a chance to show what they know. Add real-time checks for understanding that have built-in accessibility features, like audio responses and Microsoft Immersive Reader.

third iconCreate lessons students love. Add media like Virtual Reality, simulations, and websites to support meaningful connections and keep every student engaged.

fourth iconKnow where your students are every step of the way. Get real-time insights into students’ learning during your lesson. Later, use reports to inform the next day’s instruction.

Nearpod works with what you’re already using

We’re continuously working with your favorite tools like Google Slides and Schoology.

Create your lesson, knowing it will work in any scenario or device landscape

  • Live Participation

    Whether in-person or with video conferencing, control the pace of the lesson and let students participate on their own devices.

  • Student-Paced

    Allow students to progress at their own pace. This mode works well at home or when working in centers.

  • Front of ClassNEW!

    Use Nearpod even without student devices — project your lesson or video and facilitate collaborative discussions.

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