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Ensure Future Readiness

Using Nearpod, teachers truly embrace digital learning in the classroom. Nearpod is an award-winning instructional software that merges formative assessments, multimedia and high-quality content to engage students anyplace, anytime.

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With a catalog of over 7,500 ready-to-run lessons for K-12 topics from digital citizenship to algebra, Nearpod provides robust teaching opportunities for TYHO members.

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Get Started Today with Ready-to-Run Content

From fostering deeper learning in core academic areas, to developing digital citizens to preparing college & career ready students, Nearpod has you covered.

Foster Deeper Learning in Core Academic Areas

Access full lessons, skill builders, assessments, and virtual reality experiences designed in partnership with respected publishers and built with research-based instructional models.

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Develop Digital Citizens

Ensure students are using technology safely, responsibly and effectively with access to 150+ lessons that address the evolving digital landscape.

  • Digital Citizenship
    Digital Citizenship
  • Coding
  • Media Literacy
    Media Literacy
  • Technology Application
    Technology Application

Prepare College & Career Ready Students

Increase access to and success in college and career for all students with topics ranging from SEL to financial literacy that support the whole child.

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Nearpod works for all grades, subjects and platforms

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