What data do we collect?

Student Data We do not have student accounts in Nearpod; as such, we purposely don’t collect student PII. Instead, students join lessons via a temporary and anonymous code.

  • Information we DO collect:

    1. Student name or nickname (as specified by their teacher)
    2. Student generated work (writing, pictures, in app activity responses)
  • Information we DO NOT collect:

    1. Student school records (grades, identity, etc.)
    2. Assessment data (Standardized test data, observation data, etc.)
    3. Attendance
    4. Communications (i.e. emails, instant messages, blog posts, etc.)
    5. Conduct or behavioral data (i.e. detentions, referrals, etc.)
    6. Demographics
    7. Enrollment
    8. Parent/Guardian contact or identification
    9. Schedule
    10. Special indicators (medical alerts, income status, living situation, etc)
    11. Student contact information (email, address, phone number, etc.)
    12. Student identifiers (school or state student id, student passwords)
    13. Student program membership (ie. extra curriculars)
    14. Transcript (grades or course data)
    15. Transportation

Teacher Data Teachers can login to Nearpod using their school specified ID (via SSO, LTI, etc.) or their own email address if they have signed up as an individual.

  • Information we DO collect:

    1. Teacher’s first and last name
    2. Teacher’s email address
  • Information we MIGHT collect

    1. Teacher’s district and school (if they Log In as part of a school or district account)
    2. The grade level and subject areas that a teacher teaches
    3. Anonymized usage metrics, such as: Google Analytics and Mixpanel
  • Information we DO NOT collect:

    1. Communications
    2. Conduct
    3. Demographics
    4. Parent/Guardian contact or identification
    5. Schedule
    6. Special indicators (medical alerts, income status, living situation, etc)

Website visitor For visitors to our website, we automatically capture IP addresses.

How do we use the collected data?

  1. We provide a report that the teacher can download at the end of a lesson to review student participation and performance

  2. We sometimes use anonymised teacher usage metrics to identify parts of our product that need more work and to test new features to validate that they solve the teachers’ needs

How long do we keep the data?

  1. We keep teacher’s data as long as the teacher has an account at Nearpod.

  2. If the teacher is part of a school or district account, typically those contracts specify how long we can keep the data and that it is deleted upon completion of the contracted term.

  3. Since we don’t have student accounts in Nearpod, and student related data is connected to the teacher account that delivered the lesson to the student. Therefore that student data is deleted when the teacher’s data is deleted.

Who do we not share information with?

  1. Nearpod will not use any personally identifiable information to advertise or market third party services to its users, and does not sell or rent such information. We host our information on Amazon Web Services, but they do not have access to our data.

  2. Nearpod data is not used for targeted advertising to students, parents, or families. We do not develop profiles for students, families/guardians for any commercial purpose other than providing the services that Nearpod provides directly.

Who do we share Information with?

Student Data & Teacher Data We do not share information with third parties (see above). We do use the information you provide to us to improve our offerings and to provide you with the best possible experience on Nearpod.

Website visitor data & Opt-Out Requests

  1. Solely for marketing purposes, we share IP address info with Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Mixpanel, Twitter, Facebook, Intercom, Hotjar (but we will not share your Nearpod product information). These vendors do not have any rights to use this information except to provide services to Nearpod. You may opt out of Google Analytics by visiting the Google Analytics opt-out page; or opt out of all our marketing programs by contacting us at
  2. We share the email address you provide to us with third party email providers who agree only to use such data on behalf of providing Nearpod services to you, such as Mailchimp, Groove, Intercom, and Salesforce. You may unsubscribe from these emails at any time and request your email be deleted by contacting us at
  3. As part of our marketing program, we may participate in's Custom Audience program (in the US only) which enables us to display personalized ads to persons on our email lists when they visit We provide information such as a cookie and your email address to Facebook to enable Facebook to determine if you are a registered account holder with Facebook (but we will not share your Nearpod product information). You may opt-out of participation in our Facebook Custom Audience by contacting us at
  4. We share personal information with the following providers: Appnexus, Google AdWords, Hotjar, LinkedIn and Twitter. To opt out of Nearpod sharing with: Appnexus, click here, Google AdWords, click here, Hotjar, click here, LinkedIn, click here and Twitter, click here.

Does Nearpod comply with FERPA & COPPA?

Nearpod complies with all state and Federal laws and regulations pertaining to data privacy and security, including FERPA, COPPA, PPRA, etc.