Nearpod Summer Fellowship

Make an impact on K-12 education while experiencing unparalleled professional growth.

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Applications for Summer 2019 now open through April 15.

The Nearpod Experience

The Nearpod Fellowship is an 8-week summer program for rising college seniors and first or second-year teachers looking for a meaningful career opportunity.

The Fellowship provided me with the opportunity work directly with senior management on a variety of strategic projects that help improve the lives of teachers and students. I can’t imagine another opportunity where I could’ve been able to grow so much while making a difference.
- Abigail, Current Nearpod Associate Learning Experience Designer
Working alongside fellow educators, tech personnel and those aspiring was an opportunity worth experiencing. To have a space where I was able to apply my experiences as an educator to best make decisions that impact students and teachers across the nation was invaluable.
- Alexa, Summer Fellow 2018 3rd Grade Teacher and SEL Coach, Liberty City Elementary School
The work you do here matters. A week into the program, Nearpod was implementing my feedback. And you consistently have opportunities to ideate and explore solutions that result in student learning. I truly am energized to come into work every day, to work with and learn from an inspiring group of educators and businesspeople who are transforming teaching together.
- Will, Summer Fellow 2018 Business Analyst, Nearpod
The Nearpod Fellowship was an awesome opportunity for me to explore the ed-tech world as a developer. I was able to apply my computer science background in an industry setting for the first time. I have learned a lot about communication and grit while working in this cross-functional team environment.
- Matt, Summer Fellow 2018 BA Candidate, Hunter College

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