Flipping the Script Twenty teachers and 1,200+ students report that Nearpod has a positive impact on 21st Century Skills when used in a project-based learning unit.

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In Fall 2014, middle school teacher Jessica Vannasdall wrote a case study documenting her use of Nearpod for a project-based learning (PBL) assignment where her students each created a lesson, presented it to the class, and reflected on its effectiveness.

The team at Nearpod loved Jessica's student-driven approach, which turned students into creators--rather than just consumers--of content, and allowed them to personalize their projects, explore their individual interests, and collaborate with classmates.

In Spring 2015, we conducted a study with 20 teachers and 1,263 middle and high school students to examine how student-created Nearpod presentations affected 21st Century Skills like communication, collaboration, and creativity, and to determine whether Nearpod presentations were more engaging than traditional student presentations for presenters and their peer audience members.

Here's a sampling of our findings:

  • 90% of teachers reported that audience members were engaged while their classmates presented with Nearpod.
  • 80% of teachers reported that having students create and present a lesson with Nearpod was an effective use of class time.
  • 15% more students "enjoyed sharing their work with others" on Nearpod compared to typical student presentation formats.

Download the full research paper for more insights, student and teacher feedback, and our complete findings.

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